[rfk-dev] Re: Bug#224129: regrding this patch

Alexey Toptygin alexeyt at freeshell.org
Wed Jan 11 06:45:24 PST 2006

On Tue, 10 Jan 2006, Neale Pickett wrote:

> On Tuesday 10 January 2006 06:43 pm, Joey Hess wrote:
>> -  "A lone, forgotten comma, sits here, sobbing.",
>> +  "A lone, forgotten comma sits here, sobbing.",
>> Surely, the extra comma, in the first line, is part of the fun, and should
>> not, be removed?
> Good point.  I'll take this up with the high council.

Hmm, this is completely backwards; somehow the original NKI linting patch 
has been forgotten; all that made it here is commentary on the one 
part of it that no-one wanted applied. So, the real question is, should I 
be applying the rest of his patch? Note that it's adding an NKI. Also note 
that we're ahead of schedule for the 2010 release date Neale promised :-)

diff -Nru rfk-20051013/nki/vanilla.nki rfk-current/nki/vanilla.nki
--- rfk-20051013/nki/vanilla.nki        2005-08-26 17:59:28.000000000 +0000
+++ rfk-current/nki/vanilla.nki 2006-01-11 14:39:09.000000000 +0000
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@
  A toenail? What good is a toenail?
  You've found the fish! Not that it does you much good in this game.
  A Buttertonsils bar.
-One of the few remaining discoes.
+One of the few remaining discos.
  Ah, the uniform of a Revolutionary-era minuteman.
  A punch bowl, filled with punch and lemon slices.
  It's nothing but a G-thang, baby.
@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@
  It's a perpetual immobility machine.
  "On this spot in 1962, Henry Winkler was sick."
  There's nothing here; it's just an optical illusion.
-The World's Biggest Motzah Ball!
+The World's Biggest Matzoh Ball!
  A tribe of cannibals lives here. They eat Malt-O-Meal for breakfast, you know.
  This appears to be a rather large stack of trashy romance novels.
  Look out! Exclamation points!
@@ -210,7 +210,7 @@
  Vladimir Lenin's casket rests here.
  It's a copy of "Zen and The Art of Robot Maintenance".
  This invisible box contains a pantomime horse.
-A mason jar lies here open. It's label reads: "do not open!".
+A mason jar lies here open. Its label reads: "do not open!".
  A train of thought chugs through here.
  This jar of pickles expired in 1957.
  Someone's identity disk lies here.
@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@
  It's a Dvorak keyboard.
  It's a cardboard box full of 8-tracks.
  Just a broken hard drive containg the archives of Nerth Pork.
-A broken metronome sits here, it's needle off to one side.
+A broken metronome sits here, its needle off to one side.
  A sign reads: "Go home!"
  A sign reads: "No robots allowed!"
  It's the handheld robotfindskitten game, by Tiger.
@@ -405,3 +405,4 @@
  The intermission from a 1930s silent movie.
  It's an inverted billiard ball!
  The spectre of Sherlock Holmes wills you onwards.
+It's a copy editor, reading aloud from the Associated Press Stylebook.

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