[rfk-dev] code status

Leonard Richardson leonardr at segfault.org
Fri Oct 14 10:26:38 CDT 2005

> 2. We discussed leaving Sourceforge and setting up darcs or something
> here on tastytronic.net but with everything it didn't happen. I am all
> for that unless people would *rather* stay on Sourceforge, in which
> case we should update it. Discuss.

Sourceforge is overkill. We've already duplicated on tastytronic all 
the parts of Sourceforge that we use, except version control. I vote we
> 3. I was thinking about the whole "NKI in the binary" approach, and
> there's a problem I hadn't considered: if no NKI are in the binary,
> you could tailor your own setup to be any kind of rfk world you like.
> All the NKI could be about pasta, or types of schist or something.
> It's 100% open-ended (but closed beginninged -- there's still a robot
> and a kitten). However, if NKI (even the first set, which I'm sure we
> could extract from the rfk for DOS binary) are built into the binary,
> your "robot finds kitten from amongst the pasta fields" adventure will
> be interrupted by original NKI, which might be not part of your
> vision. This lends me to imagine some kind of switch to skip the
> original built in NKI, but then maybe that's starting to get
> ridiculous. Discuss.

The reason I wanted some NKI in the binary was so if you just found a
'robotfindskitten' binary lying around somewhere and ran it, *something*
would happen. If you actually passed in some NKI on standard input, or
used the environment variable or /usr/share/robotfindskitten/ or
~/.robotfindskitten/ then those NKI would replace the ones in the binary,
not add to them.

I would be more or less satisfied if the hard-coded binary NKI were just
descriptions of what the NKI file format was and all the places you could
put it.

"Put text strings in a file, one per line."
"Put the file in ~/.robotfindskitten/nki."
"Install the file into "/usr/share/robotfindskitten."
"Pass the file as standard input when invoking this program."

Just so long as you get a rfk game when you run "./robotfindskitten".


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