[rfk-dev] rfk [potential] tshirt

Steve Pomeroy steve at staticfree.info
Thu Nov 24 08:11:54 PST 2005


As there is no RFK soft-wear development mailing list, I figure this
the next closest list ;-)

*ehem* Anyhow, check out this awesome t-shirt design that my 
friend <http://tashari.org/> put together:


If you think it's neat, Threadless has a voting system which helps
them pick which designs they want to print. I'm hopeful that this 
will be the favorite robot-based design of the community there.

Even if it doesn't make it onto a t-shirt, I'm going to suggest that
she make some RFK wallpapers, etc. based on that design. Any other 
ideas for neat ways to use the design?


Steve Pomeroy

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