[rfk-dev] updates

mathys66 at bluewin.ch mathys66 at bluewin.ch
Mon Aug 29 07:29:21 CDT 2005

>I also think that while it's great that you were so ambitious as to
>rewrite the code, we need to have some of the C hackers here look the
>new code over before the Consortium decides to start working from the
>new codebase and essentially ditch the old one. One immediate problem
>is that the PalmOS port used to build from the POSIX tarball... we
>could make the PalmOS port use the old code, etc... but there are some
>things to consider before we just forge on with the new code.

Wouldn't it have made sense to introduce an abstraction layer between the
game logic and (keyboard) input / screen output code (some kind of driver)
? This would make porting to platforms where ncurses isn't available simpler.
If you're porting to a platform where you can't or don't want to use ncurses
you could simply write a new keyboard (or joystick. or whatever) and a new
screen driver...


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