[rfk-dev] Atari 7800 version

Jeremy Penner jeremy at sporktania.com
Sat Aug 27 16:29:52 CDT 2005

mathys66 at bluewin.ch wrote:
> Hello,
> Over a year ago I posted a version (binary only, I think) of robotfindskitten
> for the Atari 7800. A few weeks ago I polished the whole thing up a bit and
> created a sourceforge page for it : http://rfk7800.sourceforge.net
> Not much has changed since the first version I posted, but the ROM runs now
> on NTSC and PAL consoles. Source code is also available.
> Reportedly it doesn't work on some consoles, but I'm not so sure how serious
> I should take these bugreports, since I suspect the people who reported bugs
> just weren't tech savvy enough (and attempted stupid things like trying to
> load C source files with MESS or burning a tarball directly onto an EPROM:)

I still have trouble coming to grips with the fact that I didn't do this 
first.  I was pretty sure I was the only one with minor obsessions with 
both porting RFK to obsolete platforms using CC65, and the Atari 7800. 
I mean, how much more obscure do your obsessions have to *be* before you 
can't find someone who's better at them than you?

Seriously, runs great on my 7800 (using a Cuttle Cart 2).  Only minor 
detail that I noticed was out of place is that robot always finds kitten 
from the same direction.

Jeremy Penner				http://www.sporktania.com/

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