[rfk-dev] updates

Leonard Richardson leonardr at segfault.org
Fri Aug 26 15:42:57 CDT 2005

> > Incidentally, what's the preferred name for the program (and associated 
> > directories), robotfindskitten or rfk? I personally like rfk better, due 
> > to brevity, so I was thinking of renaming the NKI dirs to 
> > $PREFIX/share/games/rfk and ~/.rfk/ for consistency. Comments?
> I personally prefer robotfindskitten -- tab completion removes the
> brevity advantage. But I think that others should weigh in on this. It
> also makes the directories match the debian package name (which I also
> think should remain 'robotfindskitten'). 

I think robotfindskitten is a greatly superior name. Anyway it's not nice
to take up a TLA if you don't have to.


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