[rfk-dev] An entirely hypothetical question

Rob rfk-raindog at kudla.org
Thu Jun 3 16:36:36 CDT 2004

On Thursday 03 June 2004 15:25, Jeremy Penner wrote:
> Also, with the proliferation of ports to platforms with sound
> support, I think rfk needs a theme song.

I can't imagine anything more involved than the level starting 
noise from Trogdor (dit-didiDUN!) enhancing the game much.  It 
is supposed to be a "zen simulation" after all.

Since new people have joined but my rfk implementation isn't 
mentioned anywhere but my homepage, here I go, linking to it 
again.  It's written in Gambas, a VB-like language for X (well, 
for Qt presently.)  I don't know if the version on my home page 
will actually work with current Gambas betas, not that it 
matters since a working version is included with Gambas as an 
example app. :)



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