[rfk-dev] first retail rfk?

Rob rfk-raindog at kudla.org
Sun Feb 1 08:05:25 CST 2004

....sort of. :)

I couldn't figure out why I was getting "what's with that thing 
with the robot and the kitten?" emails every couple weeks, and I 
just noticed that the Gambas author added my robotfindskitten 
implementation to Gambas as one of the example projects.  That 
by itself is pretty funny. Gambas, in turn, has been added to 
Mandrake contribs recently, and so when Mandrake 10 comes out 
this spring, retail copies of the "Power Pack" will ship with 

I know it's not a big deal, I just think the idea of someone 
being able to stumble upon rfk by buying a shrinkwrapped piece 
of software is hilarious.  I guess if anyone has any issues with 
how I implemented it, now's the time ;)

http://www.kudla.org/index.php?wl_mode=more&wl_eid=28 has my one 
and only release of gambrfk.


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