[rfk-dev] new rfk for Inform release

Dave dgriffi@cs.csubak.edu
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 23:34:30 -0800 (PST)

Given the new POSIX release, I thought I'd pull those new NKIs together
with some other enhancements to make a new release of the Inform edition
of rfk.

Release 4 / Serial Number 03xxxx 
Light overhaul release.
- Now an official port of robotfindskitten.
- Typos in NKIs fixed.
- Added color support.
- Added an easter egg.  Can you find it?
- Removed PalmOS movement key support (superfluous and ugly).
- Removed playfield resizing code (superfluous and ugly).
- It's "robotfindskitten", not "Robot Finds Kitten".
- Merged in new NKIs from the new POSIX release of robotfindskitten.
- More NKIs added (561 total).

Anything else I might have missed?

David Griffith