[rfk-dev] rfk3d

Peter Gordon pete@shagged.org
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 18:29:23 +0000


OK, a robotfindskitten3d alpha is now available for you guys to download and
poke with sticks. Its playable, but not finished. I think it should be put
into a CVS repositry so that everyone can poke it with sticks until it
becomes all fluffy and ready for release.

These are the issues that NEED to be addressed:

1) It compiles with GCC, but it has all been programmed in the Bloodshed
Dev-C++ IDE. Dev-C++ is a nice GPL IDE, but it can be braindead at times; and
it has decided that makefiles don't need dependencies. It also put full paths
into the makefile, so it'll  only build if you happen to have installed GCC
in the same place as me. These are probably the first thing to remedy.

2) The speed of the game depends on how fast it draws the game. This is
because the win32 front end just calls "gl_Draw()" and "rfk_GameTick()" as
fast as it can. The proper solution is to call gl_Draw() as much as possible,
but call rfk_GameTick() under a timer so that the game goes the same speed
regardless of frame rate.

3) It renders all text as 3D, which looks really nice, but unfortunately long
NKI's totally cripple the framerate on my test machine (500Mhz Celery, 3D
Prophet something or other), and some of the even longer ones go off the edge
of the window. This obviously needs addressing.

anyway, the binary, data files, source code, and some screenshots are all in
this zip:


Cheery bye,