[rfk-dev] porters

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 20:34:29 -0800

begin  Brian Enigma  quotation:
> I also would not mind an email link (enigma@netninja.com), as long
> as it is obfuscated in some way.  

	You must not be using bayesian filtering.  I actually request
that my e-mail address be added as a live mailto, since the more spam
I get, the better my filters are.  Thus, the less spam I have to read.

> On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Peter A. Peterson II wrote:
> > Will someone please look at Brian Enigma's Java code and see if
> > this is something that should be merged into the POSIX tree, or if
> > this is something that should stand on it's own? I'm not qualified
> > to make that decision.
>     From what I *REMEMBER* (which is not much these days), it should
> be POSIX compliant (as long as the POSIX system has a Java and C
> compiler in its path).  Basically, there was a compile-time
> preprocessor in C that would link against the main "messages.h" and
> output a Java class that works exactly like messages.h.  In
> retrospect, I wonder how fragile that parser/converter is, and if it
> even still works?  The compiled code, then does not run on the host
> system, per se, it runs within the Java-enabled web browser of your
> choosing.  The example, which I completely forgot about, is still
> online: http://netninja.com/files/robotfindskitten/

	The real test is if it works with gcj and kaffe.  Not everyone
has the proprietary Sun javur runtime libs.