[rfk-dev] Re: robotfindskitten for AmigaOS

Peter Gordon pete@shagged.org
Mon, 27 Jan 2003 22:05:12 +0000


> Please join the -dev list!

Done :) I would like to also invite anyone making games (including
robotfindskitten) for obscure or obsolete hardware to list their projects on
my website at www.videobrewery.com? Its totally free, you get free publicity,
and you'll cheer me up no end :) In fact, I only found out about
robotfindskitten when Jeremy put details of the Atari port on there.

Anyway, shameless plug over, I have a bit of a more serious question; as I
don't have DOS box, linux box, or dreamcast, and my C64 and Apple ][ aren't
set up, I've not actually played any other versions of robotfindskitten than
my own. robotfindskitten for AmigaOS was written by glancing over the
original source code to get the gist of it. I would appreciate it if someone
with access to an Amiga (or UAE) could play my version and see if i've missed
out anything important... (i *think* i got it right...)