[rfk-dev] Atari 2600 question resurrected

jeremypenner@shaw.ca jeremypenner@shaw.ca
Fri, 10 Jan 2003 16:36:51 -0600

> Personally, I'd reccomend coming up with new NKIs with some having
> something to do with the Atari legacy (ie "What Would Jack Tramiel Do?"
> and "It's Yorgle, the Yellow Dragon!").  

Agreed entirely!
"Just a landfill full of ET carts."
"A ghost from Pac-Man, flickering madly."

> Your mockup seems to suggest using a hash mark for the robot all 
> the time.
> Have you considered using something simpler to save on memory?

ROM is tight, but it's not THAT tight. =]
It's done entirely in the program logic, and is maybe 5 extra assembler opcodes.  The hash mark is distinctively robot, so I'd be loathe to change it, although I doubt severely that the NKIs and kitten on the playing field are going to manage to be anything more than uni-coloured blocks.

-- Jeremy