[rfk-dev] Re: GLUT progress, or lack thereof

Neale Pickett neale@debian.org
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 15:05:26 -0800

Nick Moffitt <nick@zork.net> writes:

> begin  Neale Pickett  quotation:

>> You didn't, by any chance, hover your mouse cursor over that, did you?

> 	I did, and nothing happened, other than that my mouse cursor
> obscured part of your badly-stippled face.

You must have tooltips disabled.  What a pity.  You won't be able to
find CGI kitten, either

> 	Maybe the shroud of turin is in front of your javurscript
> window.

How dare you insinuate I'm using javurscript!  Take that back right now!