[rfk-dev] GLUT progress, or lack thereof

Jeremy Penner jeremypenner@shaw.ca
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 10:28:25 -0600

Here's the deal:
robotfindskitten3d runs using GLUT.  It does not, however, have text. 
This is because I do not properly understand OpenGL, and the way text 
is currently rendered is only really possible under the Win32 API 
(with the possible exception of using something like FreeType, but I 
didn't want to get into more dependencies; if I want to link against 
seven billion different libraries, I'll start on the SDL port, thank 
you.)  So to properly draw text, one must rewrite the text engine, 
and that requires an understanding of OpenGL which I do not possess.  
I tried randomly half-assing my way through it, but unfortunately 
that did not work even slightly.

So, I've decided to officially give up the GLUT port; if anyone is 
interested in finishing it off, you can grab it from 
http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~umpenne5/ .

Oh, and also there may be a bug in my texture loading code, as the 
heart seems to be bright blue, but that might just be the stupid 256 
colour Sun terminal I had to put up with to develop the thing.  I 
think all of the other textures have the correct colours, so it's 
probably just some bit in the bitmap header that says, "Actually, I'm 
two bytes bigger than usual."

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