[rfk-dev] porters

B Spitznagel i0lanthe@yahoo.com
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 20:55:09 -0800 (PST)

--- "Peter A. Peterson II" <pedro@tastytronic.net> wrote:
> Ok, so the official list of porters is, Bridget Spitznagel, drwiii,
> Jeremy Penner, Dave Griffith, Brian Enigma, Peter Gordon, and Martin
> Pool.
> Some of you (the ones I see or talk to on a semi regular basis)
> already have "handles" listed on the devteam page, but most of the new
> people don't, because I don't know your handles (if you have or use
> one). Please send them to me if you want me to list them, otherwise
> I'll just put your name.
> Also, do you want your name to link to a website? And email address?
> Handle link to email and name link to website?

I'm still alive (sometimes).  Link to email is fine.  i0lanthe is an
underprivileged alter ego and doesn't have a very exciting website...
but if you want something to link to the name, there is a choice of
 http://geocities.com/i0lanthe/    (a list of projects)
 http://sourceforge.net/users/i0lanthe   (a list of projects)

BTW, I am told that this "Graffiti 2" thing for PalmOS is going to
destroy all hjkl-using life on the planet with a massive kludge (by
announcing 'k' graffiti events as 'l' 'backspace' 'k' in a manner
visible to the application), which I find too painful to believe
but if it does turn out to be true I will have to think up a
radiation-hardened workaround and put out a new version.  Sometime.


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