[rfk-dev] [ANN] robotfindskitten - Native Mac OS X version

Phillip Ulrich phil@interalia.org
Sun, 20 Apr 2003 01:46:52 -0400

You read that right - I finally got off my arse, rewrote the important 
parts of rfk in Objective-C for native-ness purposes, and am making it 
available as a user-friendly, double-clickable Mac OS X app.  Now 
robotfindskitten can even be played by those OS X users afraid of their 
own terminal.

Small points of contention:
- You don't so much touch an NKI as run over/through it.  This is 
because, really, there's not any way to tell if there's anything drawn 
there, because I'm not using ncurses.  As soon as I find out how to do 
this when drawing strings to a view, I will.
- Some NKIs will appear in the same spot.  See previous point.
- robot is white, kitten and NKIs are red, field is black.  This is 
sheer laziness; the next release will allow customizability to the max.

If interested:
- http://www.interalia.org/icon2/software/packages/xRFK.dmg.sit (about 

- http://www.interalia.org/icon2/software/screenshots/xrfk1.jpg
- http://www.interalia.org/icon2/software/screenshots/xrfk2.jpg
- http://www.interalia.org/icon2/software/screenshots/xrfk3.jpg

--Phil Ulrich