[rfk-dev] Re: Package robotfindskitten does not build with automake 1.6

Neale Pickett neale@debian.org
13 Sep 2002 16:53:25 -0700

So then, way back in July, Aaron Haviland <orion@tribble.dyndns.org> was
all like:

> I've attached my updated diff. Don't you love it?
> 1) debian/rules clean: did not call dh_clean. Fixed.
> 2) debian/rules configure: did not call libtoolize. Fixed.
> 3) configure was not in the upstream tarball, but was in the .diff.gz,
> and never got marked +x (ie, bad interpreter), even after it was
> overwritten by autoconf. Fixed by removing it in debian/rules clean:
> (and in the diff.)
> 4) Standards-Version 3.1.1 is outdated. Changed to
> 5) Added build-depends on texinfo, and removed robotfindskitten.info
> from the .diff.

I did most or all of this, I'm not really sure.  I checked my changes
into CVS, so if you're interested, go sync and see if you can build a

I'll probably upload the new package in a week or so, partly to give
people wiser than I in the ways of debian a chance to review this
important change, and partly because I'm a lazy slob.