[rfk-dev] Find kitten on old computers lurking in your closet!

Neale Pickett neale@debian.org
21 Aug 2002 18:48:41 -0700

So then, Gary Benson <gary@inauspicious.org> is all like:

> I expect that's because you just manually did some of the things that
> gzip would do automatically.  I tried huffman coding it since the
> algorithm is simpler and hopefully smaller.  Without the tree it came to
> 6662 bytes.

Yeah, but if I gzip that, it's only 32592 bytes (4656k in 7-bit bytes).
So assuming the code is farily small, which probably isn't a safe
assumption, you could get quite a few NKI in there.

Although I guess the point is that an Atari 2600 port just isn't worth