[rfk-dev] Find kitten on old computers lurking in your closet!

jeremypenner@shaw.ca jeremypenner@shaw.ca
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 16:00:34 -0500

> Hold on a second, aren't you the Bubba and Alice dude who 
made the
> bootable Dreamcast CD images?
> What is going on here?

Yes!  You've discovered my horrible secret, which is not at all a 
secret.  You have indeed stumbled upon my conspiracy, which is 
not at all a conspiracy, to play with robotfindskitten on random 
platforms like the C64 and the Dreamcast.  The code should also 
compile for practically any old computer that ran on a 6502, as a 
matter of fact, so an RFK-Apple II release might not be far away.  
Or perhaps even the NES!  Pardon me for a moment while I cackle 
maniacally once more.  Ha ha ha!

So in response to your question, "I'm avoiding work at the office by 
playing with robotfindskitten, and calling it 'embedded 

-- Jeremy Penner, The Bubba And Alice Dude Who Made The 
Bootable Dreamcast CD Images