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Ha ha.

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Subject: Dreamcast - Advertising solutions for robotfindskitten.org
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Please put me in direct contact with your company's online Media Buyer or
V.P. of Marketing. I see that your site, robotfindskitten.org is listed
on certain search engines under the keyword, dreamcast.
My company generates a few thousand people per day that are specifically
looking for information on Dreamcast.

We collect the following information from each consumer that wants to
receive information on Dreamcast: Email Address, First Name,
Last Name, Age, Gender, Country, State, ZIP, Physical Mailing Address. The
cost per co-registration is only $0.06. We are currently offering tests of
100,000 for only $0.04 each, or 50,000 for $0.055 each. We could currently
generate some 10,000 - 50,000 of these for you each day that you would own
and could market to as many times as you wish.

Finally, we offer targeted solo-mailings for only $0.004 per email sent.

If you have a moment, I'd like to discuss the possibility of us developing
one of these programs into a targeted campaign for robotfindskitten.org.
Please have your online Media Buyer or V.P. of Marketing contact me as soon
as possible at 760.682.1000 ext. 109 or sean@rankyou.com.

Thank you,

Sean Montana
Sr. Sales Manager
760.682.1000 ext. 109

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