[rfk-dev] unsolicited advice

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Wed, 23 May 2001 13:58:35 -0500

Quoting Nick Moffitt:
> 	Nah, I've responded to it.  I'll wait for confirmation before
> closing.  I've claimed ownership of it, and handed an old bug to
> sneakums.

Groove. I feel like since we've kind of chilled a little bit on the
devel side, that we should maybe get in all the schoen nki and package
up an official release of rfk with sneakums screen-size fix, etc. and
then when we get the fortune thing working properly et al (or whatever
other enhancements we were going to do (mailreader)) we'll make another
offical release.

But it seems like right now is a good time for some housekeeping and
straightening up.


	"Choppa Choppa Chop Sockeeeeeeeeeey!"
		-- Mister Bad