[rfk-dev] website...

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@flynn.zork.net
Thu, 8 Mar 2001 22:27:57 -0600

Bridget, you are invited to  log on to flynn and write a palmOS page for
the website. It's pretty straightforward, if you'll look at the other
pages you'll see how it works. For the box size, it may be easier to
start with something like devteam.html-src and edit it from there.
You'll also want to create devteam.html-title, and edit the 
menu-src.html in the src dir to add a palmOS button (or whatever you'd
like to call it.) The best way to do this is to copy the two bottom
lines of a button and paste them in to the right spot, and merely change
the href and the link itself I can do this if you like.

The keys to doing it properly are thus:

	* Each line in menu-src.html must be exactly the same length,
	  NOT counting HTML tags. (This is why the cut and paste method
	  is easiest -- it's already perfect!

	* The proper column size for the right-hand column is 54
	  characters. Set this in vim with the :set tw=54 command and
	  use "Ngqgq" where N is the number of lines you want to format.
	  This works beautifully provided you do not have any links or
	  html formatting that break lines. If a <B> or <I> or <A> tag
	  breaks a line, it will also "tag" the stuff in the menu. It
	  took me a second to figure that out... but you guys are
	  smarter than that. So links and embedded html in the right
	  hand column are a little trickier.

	* Use "gp" to generate the page. It takes one argument: the page
	  you are going to create, where foo.html-src is the right hand
	  column, and foo.html-title is the title. I realize these are
	  kind of lame naming conventions, but oh well.

Hope you like it!


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