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A buddy of mine came up with this idea - thought you'd get a kick out of it

Also, he reports that one time the kitten was a space character ' '.  Took
him forever to find it.

<wastrel> donut i was thinking of a distributed computing project involving
<wastrel> we could have a HUGE data set
<wastrel> and one kitten
<wastrel> and then break up the data set into chunks and farm it out to
distributed computing clients.

Adam Northern

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Quoting Adam Northern:
> i was bored at work and made a rfksay perl script. it is a shining
> to really bad perl code, but it kinda works. semi. i'm going to add some
> more stuff (it doesn't escape all the characters that need to be escaped,
> like '"#; and so on...), but you can play with this and impress all your
> friends when your leet robot finds kitten ascii.
> http://www.redhotlunix.com/rfksay.txt

Adam, you shoudl make a kitten say, so that there can be conversations
in irc.

Also, we all hang out at #tron on irc.slashnet.org. And


robotfindskitten.org -- free zen simulation
xy003.net -- free rock opera
robotfindsxy003.net -- No match for "ROBOTFINDSXY003.NET".

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