[rfk-dev] Dreamcast Adaptation Complete!

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@flynn.zork.net
Thu, 22 Feb 2001 08:32:50 -0600

"It's just Sonic the Hedgehog, out of a job."

<*drwiii> ding dong
<Dumont> the witch is dead
<*drwiii> http://douglas.min.net/~drw/dcrfk/dcrfk-1.0.tar.gz
<@Zen> Oh?
<@Zen> How's it coming?
<*emad> it's done!
<@Zen> Wowee.
<@Zen> I may have to get a Dreamcast now.
<@Zen> They're about a hundred, ne?
<*emad> This is a from-scratch adaptation of the wildly popular
<*emad> simulator, written to run exclusively on the SEGA Dreamcast game
<*emad> hahaha
<*drwiii> the hard part is getting the code to the dreamcast. :P
<*drwiii> yeah
<@Zen> Doesn't the DC have internet access?
<*drwiii> that is correct.
<*emad> haha
<loiosh> hmm
<*emad> readme.txt == funny
<loiosh> dammit
<loiosh> if only I hadn't quit Sega!!
<*drwiii> emad: it better be, i spent 2 hours on it :P
<*emad> drwiii, we need background music!
<@Zen> dumont, dcrfk is at
<@Zen> dcrfk?
<Dumont> dcrfk is at http://douglas.min.net/~drw/dcrfk/dcrfk-1.0.tar.gz