[rfk-dev] dreamcast port of robotfindskitten underway...

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@flynn.zork.net
Sat, 17 Feb 2001 12:11:12 -0600

Quoting Nick Moffitt:
> 	Definitely lookin' nice!  Do Dreamcasts use a standard CD
> format?  Can we just make images and burn them onto CD-Rs?

I'm not sure I was talking to drwiii last night for a bit, and I'm not
really sure what his proces is. I keep trying to get him to sub, but I'm
sure he's on a zillion different lists.

--last night--
-> [msg/drwiii] are you keeping track of the screen shots? we should
make you a sourceforge developer/porter and put them on sf. (also, 
sign up for the rfk-dev list!)
-> [msg/drwiii] that's excellent!
[drwiii(drw@tide72.microsoft.com)] that's pretty much the first real
screenshot :P
-> [msg/drwiii] still
-> [msg/drwiii] i know we'd love to know your progress
-> [msg/drwiii] depending on how big your codebase becomes,
-> [msg/drwiii] we'd like to keep it in the same cvs tree
-> [msg/drwiii] and if possible, use the same nki list, so that you can
get the tree, and compile it for whatever architecture you want, and 
it would use the proper codebase
(@pedro) yes
[drwiii(drw@tide72.microsoft.com)] it should be quite compact ;>
only downside is that it also requires libdream to run
-> [msg/drwiii] that's ok though. you could put that in the docs
-> [msg/drwiii] and obviously not try to keep the lib up to date
in the package
(@pedro) hi
<Dumont> welcome, pedro
(@pedro) so is it a port, or pretty much a complete rewrite?
(@pedro) what do you have to do to write for the dreamcast? I mean,
what's the story there?
(@pedro) could you theoretically have ncurses on the dreamcast?
<*drwiii> it's pretty much a rewrite
<*drwiii> you could, but not without significant overhead :P
(@pedro) so running bsd (it's netbsd, right?) on the dreamcast is really
stripped down then?
(@pedro) what kind of cpu is on there?
(@pedro:#tron) 10-4
<*drwiii> hitachi sh4 (200 mhz)
<*drwiii> but i'm working with the bare hardware, no real OS in between
.. it's now 2:00AM.
(@pedro) the pop one is too long, emad
(@pedro) coool
<*drwiii> the upside to the way it's written though is you can drop in a
regular messages.h and let it run with it
<*drwiii> it does the word wrapping at run time
(@pedro) that's cool
(@pedro) are you coding in assembler then? 
<*drwiii> not assembler, libdream is a C library
<*drwiii> which basically does all its stuff in assembler :P
(@pedro) heh
(@pedro) cool
<*drwiii> i ported some graphics routines over from gd, but i
haven't found a use for them yet
(line, arc)
(@pedro) there is already a Vladimir Lenin item
(@pedro) althouh,
(@pedro) nm
(@pedro) heh
<*drwiii> i'm trying to find out how to program the rumble pak
<*drwiii> so the controller will vibrate when you find kitten
<*emad> I'm going to sleep
(@pedro) hahahaha
* *emad is away.. sleep ..(log+page)
* *emad is away.. sleep ..(log+page)
(@pedro) coool
<*drwiii> the font is from Pac Man.
---the end---