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It's a free Jon Johansen!
It's a free Dmitry Sklyarov!
The rothe hits!  The rothe hits!
It's an Internet chain letter about sodium laureth sulfate.
Pondering string theory, here sits Ed Witten.
Something is written here in the dust.  You read: "rJbotf ndQkttten".
We wish you a merry kitten, and a happy New Year!
Run away!  Run away!
You can see right through this copy of Brin's "Transparent Society".
This copy of "Steal This Book" has been stolen from a bookstore.
It's Roya Naini.
This kit is the fourteenth in a series of kits named with Roman letters.
This is the tenth key you've found so far.
You find a fraud scheme in which loans are used as security for other loans.
It's the phrase "and her", written in ancient Greek.
It's the author of "Randomness and Mathematical Proof".

Several of these are puns -- in particular

Robot finds Witten.
Robot finds kit "N".
Robot finds key 10.
Robot finds kiting.
Robot finds "kai ten".
Robot finds Chaitin.

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